Fire and Water Damage

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Removing All Signs of Fire and Flood Damage

Make sure you're working with the best for fire damage restoration in Charleston, WV

Fire and water damage restoration work requires specialized skills and equipment that not every company has. Fortunately for residential and commercial clients in the Charleston, WV area, Mold Busters Inspection Remediation is here to help.

We offer top-notch fire damage restoration services at highly competitive rates. Contact us today for a free project estimate.

Offering everything you need to restore and protect your home

No restoration or repair job is too big or small for us to handle. We can help with:

  • Fire damage restoration: remove damaged lumber and anything with smoke damage, spray and encapsulate the area to preserve what can be saved and prevent smells from returning, inspect the structure to make sure it's safe, run an ozone generator for 24 hours to remove all smells
  • Water damage restoration: suck up all the water with a vacuum, steam clean the carpet and furniture, thoroughly clean everything with disinfectants, use dryers and dehumidifiers to dry everything up
  • Waterproofing: fill in and caulk around the foundation, make sure the gutters are properly draining away from the foundation, apply hydraulic cement to the interior and exterior of the basement foundation, install sump pumps if needed, inspect ventilation in the crawl space, install block vents or forced air fans if needed
  • Foundation repair: install proper foundation grains connected to gutter drains that shed water away from the home, tar the foundation and install plastic, put up foam boards around the foundation, embed the foundation in gravel

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