Mold Remediation

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Get top-quality mold remediation services in Charleston, WV

You don't have to look far to find a local mold removal company in Charleston, WV. With over three decades of industry experience, Mold Busters Inspection Remediation has built up an excellent reputation as the premier provider of mold remediation services.

We have the right skills and equipment to effectively remove any type of mold. Schedule an appointment today to let us take care of an important job for you.

10 steps of our remediation process

Thorough mold remediation services are essential if you want to prevent the problem from returning. When you hire our local mold removal company, we will:

  1. Conduct a visual inspection
  2. Inspect the area further using moisture meters, infrared cameras and air quality monitors
  3. Sample the air to determine which specific types of mold are present
  4. Cut out and remove the affected drywall
  5. Set up a plastic barrier around the area
  6. Spray and clean the affected area
  7. Spray a preventive chemical to prevent future mold growth
  8. Repair any plumbing issues
  9. Install new drywall
  10. Shampoo and steam clean carpets to remove all mold spores and dust mites

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home or commercial building is completely free from harmful mold.